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If it had not been for Newcomer Funeral Home and Cremation Services and Charles Rousculp we could not have had the peace of letting go of my beloved wife. Charles encouragement and concern helped so much to get us through this unbearable grief. Thank you! 
~ Donald   Z. - 5/8/2017
Beyond satisfied. Brandee Wilkinson was super kind. 
~ Gretta   S. - 5/8/2017
It was far more than I expected. I was more than satisfied under the circumstances. Everything was beautiful and my husband looked so good. Just thank you so much for you thoughtfulness and kindness. Kristen was very thoughtful, compassionate and went out of her way to make things how you wanted them.  
~ Carolyn   M. - 4/24/2017
The people are kind and take the time to let you decide what you want. 
~ Mary   M. - 4/5/2017
The staff became like family! They loved us through this hard time, and helped us make the best arrangements we could. They honored or family both here and passed. A special thank you to Charales for being with us every step of the way!
~ Jenniffer   Z. - 3/31/2017
Newcomer handled all phases of the funeral with dignity and compassion. They took care of all the necessary functions and added service of being there for us as needed. Very happy overall for dad's funeral in 2008 and mom's in 2017. Thank you. 
~ Rick   H. - 3/22/2017
I could not have asked for a better funeral home to take care of my husband. He looked good as I had asked that he look natural. Your employees were compassionate and helpful. I will recommend your funeral home to everyone. God bless. Brandi was excelletn and she had compassion for our loss.
~ Bonnie   F. - 3/22/2017
Robyn helped us achieve our goals for my wife's final arrangements and left us completely satisfied with the results. 
~ Nelson   O. - 3/21/2017

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