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The death was a tragic event. The people serving us and the reasonable pricing were unbeatable. Stuart did a wonderful job - he was attentive, kind and thorough. This compassion was truly a needed blessing. It made a difficult task in a tragic situation so much easier.
~ Michelle   G. - 8/29/2019

J. Stewart Monihan was very attentive to details, gave personal attention to every aspect and informed us of all necessary and optional items. He made very certain that everything went perfect. The canine therapy was so wonderful! The use of the coffee/kitchen area was a blessing to have a place for offering a snack and a place to chat for folks attending the service. Everything was great!
~ Anonymous   D. - 8/12/2019

We didn't know what to expect during this process, but we are beyond grateful and appreciative to Melissa Kemp and the staff. Melissa was compassionate, patient, attentive and professional. 
~ Henry   J. - 7/31/2019

Your business was very helpful. thank you all. Earlier this month we had another loss, and recommended your funeral home.
~ Anthony   S. - 7/22/2019

Very satisfied. Please stay the way you are.
~ Kevin   M. - 7/15/2019

Robyn & Jodie were wonderful. They made a very stressful & sad situation as easy as possible. 
~ Carlene   M. - 7/9/2019

We came to Newcomer because it was the wish of our beloved friend, aunt and sister to be taken care of there. But I had been to other services there and would have chosen them, also. Everything they did was absolutely the BEST we could have hoped for. Although their prices are much less than others in the area, we felt every step was first class. Robyn was our funeral director. She went above and beyond for us. We put together a sampling of our friend's cherished items. Robyn and her team set things up so beautifully. And the organization Sit Means Sit provided comfort dogs to help ease the pain of the people who came. An aunt of mine in her 70's said that it was the finest gathering she had ever been to. Nothing else to say but that giving 5 stars to Robyn and Newcomer just doesn't seem like enough. Thank you so very much.
~ Dave   V. - 7/3/2019

I want to take this time to thank, Newcomer Funeral Home, for there outstanding job, they did, for our mom, Evelyn V OBrien. The display, the format, and my mom, look beautiful. Special thanks, to Andrea (hope I spelled right) and Minister Smith. For the presentation, and burial of mom. I will recommend the funeral home to everyone. The commercial on TV sold me, and our family. Thanks again, and God Bless you. <3 Danny L OBrien
~ Danny L   O. - 7/2/2019

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