Reaching out to loved ones during grief

One of the difficult parts of grieving is keeping in touch with those close to us. It’s hard to understand our emotions and sometimes it’s simply too difficult to consistently keep in touch with others. Weeks may turn to months, and you may soon find yourself disconnected from friends, family, or other relationships in your life. Secondary loss is a valid situation, but you can always find things to do that may help you reconnect with those you have lost touch with.

Make a list of those who you want to reconnect with.
While it sounds too simple, making a list can help you remember who you haven’t spoken to in a while or remind you of old friends you’ve lost contact with.

Use social media or technology to your advantage.
It can be as small as sending a Facebook message to a friend or creating an event and sending invites out online. Use social media as a way to update your friends and family, while also interacting with them.

Start a new tradition or revive an old one.
Plan a monthly or weekly event with friends such as getting lunch or coffee. Start that tradition of a family holiday every summer once again. By going out of your way to plan get togethers, it can give you a set time to spend time with loved ones.

Plan a memorial page for your loved one.
It’s okay to talk about your loved one you may have lost, but it’s better to do it with support around you from those who love you. Having close friends and family there to celebrate a life will help you talk about your emotions and receive support.

Push yourself and make the call.
In the recent loss of a loved one, sometimes it’s hard to make the first step in contacting friends and family. Make that phone call, send that e-mail or Facebook message, and take that first step in making an effort. One small message can mean a lot, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant at first. Don’t be afraid and don’t forget your friends and family support you.
Posted: December 09, 2019
Tags: grief-support